torstai 20. heinäkuuta 2017

Next stop: Amsterdam

Next month I’m travelling to the Netherlands with my friend who I met while on exchange in Bangkok. First we planned to go to Venice but then that changed to Prague which in the end changed to Amsterdam. We were supposed to go to Venice in the spring but for me it was very hard to pick dates before I knew for sure will I have a summer job so that plan kind of died on its own. But in May we started planning again and my friend suggested Prague but was open to other destinations too. After searching and searching we came to the conclusion that it’s either Prague or Amsterdam. With a help of my friend’s friend who had gone to both and recommended Amsterdam and what I found myself from Amsterdam after intensive Internet searching, we chose that. There are a few places that I’m really interested to go see (e.g Anne Frank’s house) and I found out that there’s a Primark shop (!!!) which I MUST visit. I'm really looking forward to this trip since I don't see this friend often (only twice since I came back from Thailand last summer) and Amsterdam is a new destination for both of us so it'll be fun going around the city and do some sightseeing and shopping. My friend also suggested a day trip outside of Amsterdam so we'll probably try to fit that also to our short trip (only 3-4 days). Fortunately I'm going to Helsinki to meet my friend this Saturday and I'll stay there until Monday so we can do some more planning for the trip. Plus continue my sightseeing process in Helsinki! This time we have planned to go to Linnanmäki (amusement park) and Suomenlinna (sea fortress). I just hope we can enjoy good sunny weather otherwise those 2 places will not be so fun to visit... Anyways it'll be great to spend this weekend there and plan the Amsterdam trip :)
Can't wait to see views like this!
xoxo, Elina

sunnuntai 9. heinäkuuta 2017

Summer comeback!

Gosh it's been such a long time since my last post! I told you earlier that I would start writing more but it once again failed. In the past 2 months quite a lot has happened and unfortunately my blog hasn't been on the top of my to-do list. But now that's going to change. I have too many things to write about to keep postponing my blog writing so from now on I'll keep writing more often. Hopefully this time I manage to do so! And to celebrate my comeback I'll (once again) change the look of my blog and perhaps something else...

I have unfinished post about my trips to Osaka (which actually was ages ago...) and Seoul, my upcoming trips, graduation (!), my new home and more. So tune in as I manage to finish more posts! 

ps. This is not the only comeback this month... Yes I mean EXO's big comeback which is happening later this month! Today we got the first teaser featuring Kai ❤ I'm getting more and more excited about their comeback. I just know it'll be awesome so my fellow EXO-Ls get ready! 

xoxo, Elina 

torstai 6. huhtikuuta 2017

2nd seminar DONE!

In the midst of various tasks I needed to do this week (go to the hair dresser, help my mum, go see my friends and get ready for my trip), I had to go to Rauma today to have my 2nd seminar. I was a bit nervous but also relieved that I can finally get that over with and start focusing on the next part in my thesis. I got very good feedback from my thesis supervisor and my friend who is my opponent. The supervisor even said that at the moment it looks like I'll get a 5 for my thesis! I was really surprised because I'm not even aiming for the highest grade but of course it would be great to get it. Now the next step is to figure out the questions I want to ask from my case company and after choosing them, I have to send them ASAP. I'm not feeling very confident about being able to finish the empirical part especially because now I also need to find myself an apartment for the summer. That's because I'm moving to Jyväskylä to work for the summer! Actually earlier last month I got a summer job from a very good place but I had to cancel it because I got a summer job from the company where I did my internship in Thailand. Last week I went to an interview invitations and when I left after about 15 minutes they already called and told me I got the job. I was really happy but also sad because I had to cancel the other job. I'm very excited to go work at that company again and this time in Finland and the best part in all of this is that I finally got a summer job related to my studies! Both of the places I got were logistics work + I was in another interview and got 2 other interviews which I turned down right away and all of them were related to my studies. That has given me much more hope for the future. At least this summer I was a good candidate in many people's eyes. So now that I have the summer job, I need to find the apartment and after my trip, I will go see a few and then decide where to move. Unfortunately that whole moving process will take quite a lot of my time so I need to be even more quicker with the thesis.... But I'm quite happy that I get to move to my own place (once again!) and to a new city :)

Now I'll relax and watch some ice-hockey since my team is playing their second semi-final game against HIFK. Until next time! 

xoxo, Elina

sunnuntai 2. huhtikuuta 2017

Hello April!

April, the month I have been eagerly waiting for, is finally here! The main reason for my excitement is my trip to Seoul which will start next Saturday. I don't if it's due to stressing over my thesis or the weather and the coldness here but I have been super eager to leave already for a long time. Spring has already well started in Seoul (not like here in Finland) so I'm really looking forward to the warmer weather and the cherry blossoms. I also can't wait to see my dear Korean friend and hang out with her as much as possible. And there's the good food and great shopping places too so no wonder I have wanted to start packing for the past month. Last week I also managed to buy myself a M Cultour Package from SMTOWN Travel so I will attend the M!Countdown show on the 13th in Seoul. I was a bit unsure if they will sell it for April but the sale finally started and of course I bought it right away. Attending one of those K-pop TV shows has been my dream for a few years and now I finally managed to include it to my trip. If everything goes well, I have a great trip planned ❤

At least someone is ready for the spring and summer...
+ he turned 13 on Friday ❤
Last month for me meant mostly writing my thesis and this week I finally got my theory part ready. My thesis supervisor was luckily very satisfied with it and only asked to fix a few small things. I was really nervous about what she'll say so it was such a relief to get so good comments. Next week I'll have my 2nd seminar and I can start working on the empirical data part. That part should be done in the end of this month so I can have the final seminar in the beginning of May. Due to my trip and other things I need to do, I don't have a lot of time for that part. But hopefully I'll get sufficient answers quickly from my case company. Since I don't have the answers from the company yet during my trip, I can't really write anything but I decided that I will finish all the other parts like introduction, objectives etc so I don't have to worry about them anymore in the end. Plus I can send the questions to the company so they can start coming up with the answers. Ugh even though I have already done a lot, there's still so much work to do... I can't wait for the day my thesis is completely done and I can just forget the whole thing! 

In the midst of all the hard work, I have still managed to see hockey games either live or via stream at home. I went to see the last game of the season with my friend. My team, Tappara, won this season so they received an award for that after the game. It was a very good game and not just because my team won. It's just so much better to watch the game live than at home! Me and my friend really hope we can go see one of the playoff games because they have the extra suspense. This week there would have been really exciting games since my team played against the other team from my hometown in the quarter finals. But for some reason those games were every time sold out and even for the last game which was yesterday, the tickets were sold out in 34 seconds! So I just had to watch them at home which was of course better than nothing. Even though my team didn't play really well from time to time, they finally won 4 times and advanced to the semi-finals! For the next games they're playing agains HIFK which is from the capitol. I'm actually quite glad for that pairing because HIFK hasn't played as well as last season (then they played in the finals against my team) so I'm pretty sure my team will go all the way to the finals. But still I have to keep my thumbs up because you never know what happens in ice-hockey! 

xoxo, Elina

tiistai 14. helmikuuta 2017

1st seminar DONE!

I have been hating myself for not writing here more often but since last month I have been either too busy or too tired. One of the main reasons for me being busy is my thesis. I finally came up with a thesis subject before last year ended and last month I started writing my thesis plan. I finished it early this month and also had my 1st seminar and since then I have been researching and writing my thesis. I should have the theory part ready before 31st of March so I don't have a lot of time especially since I need to practice a lot for my financial analysis resit exam and for another exam which is in early March. So school has kept me really busy lately and unfortunately it will continue like that until May when my thesis and seminars should be finished. So my apologies for not being super active here during that time! I'll do my best and try to at least finish some unfinished posts. 

Thanks to my friend and her Valentine's Day present,
I had some motivation for writing about export process for my thesis. 
I had my name day on 10th of February so I decided to try a new dessert:
Whoopie. I had too many recipes to choose from but in the end I chose
 a citron-raspberry whoopie. Super yummy!
Since I'm not a person who can just write school assignments and read for exams etc all day long, I need my tv series/K-drama fix every day. Last month another amazinglyawesomesuperduper K-drama started and I have been hooked on it ever since. Missing 9 has a really interesting and suspenseful plot and the actors/actresses are just great! The show has had so many unexpected twists in the plot that I have been on the edge of my seat the whole time. So if you're into K-dramas or just want to watch something new, you should definitely check this one out! I have been planning to write a post about my favourite K-dramas and the ones I think everyone should watch so stay tuned for that! 

Even though this drama has Chanyeol from EXO,
that's not the only reason I LOVE it but he's definitely a huge plus!
Okay now I really need to get back to writing but at least you now know I'm still alive.

Get back to you ASAP!

xoxo, Elina

maanantai 23. tammikuuta 2017

2016 in review

Last year I didn't finish this post but this time I managed. So here's a review of 2016:
(Once again I used questions that I found from my friend's blog)


1. Did you get a new friend? 

Yes, I met really nice people at my internship company and during my travels. 

2. Did you do something new?

Travelled to Malaysia, did an internship, visited new places in Seoul and Osaka, went to see Thai movies and lived in Thailand somewhere else than Bangkok (Laem Chabang).

The view from my balcony in Laem Chabang.
Even though some days I kinda hated it when I was there
but nowadays I often miss it. 
3. Were you in a relationship? 

Yes and no. Kinda...

4. Tell a couple of the best memories from 2016? 

Concerts (EXOluXion in Kuala Lumpur, EXO'rDIUM in Osaka, Dream Concert 2016) & trips to Seoul + my time in Thailand. 

5. Did you fight with any of your friends? 

Luckily no. 


1. Did you change a lot during 2016? 

I don't think so but I feel like I got more confident and bold. I also got more used to doing things alone (no wonder because of the amount of travelling I did alone and the many months I lived alone in Thailand).

2. Did you gain weight? 

Probably yes but not sure #notfriendswithmyscale

3. Did you go to the movies alone? 

Luckily I had always someone with me (hate going to the movies alone).

4. Did you get a piercing/tattoo? 


5. Who was the best new person? 

The people who I was closest with in my internship company + my Japanese friend's family who were such nice and caring people when I met them in Osaka. 

6. Did you keep your new year's resolutions? 

I didn't make any resolutions mainly due to knowing I couldn't keep them anyways. 

7. Did someone close to you give birth? 

Yes, my brother's wife gave birth to their second child. 

My godson ❤
8. Did someone close to you die? 

Fortunately no. 

9. Which countries did you visit? 

Thailand (from January to July), Malaysia (twice), South Korea (twice), Japan.

10. What would you want from 2017 that you couldn't get/have in 2016? 

Finish my studies, see EXO or BTS in Europe, attend BTS's concert (wherever), get a job (even a summer job), new iPhone, better Korean skills and see my friends more often. 

11. Which date will you remember from 2016?

 The day I started my internship.

Almost every day when I left work, I got to see a nice sunset.
I miss that too from my internship. 
12. Your biggest achievement? 

I made it through my internship and even without failing. I had my doubts about how would I succeed but after I finished my internship, I was very satisfied with myself and how I did everything. 

13. ...and the biggest failure? 

I couldn't decide my thesis subject and start planning/writing earlier than I did. If I had the subject earlier and also started writing earlier, it would have helped me a lot this spring. 

14. Did you suffer from injuries? 

I was once again lucky enough to avoid injuries (except having some problems with my toes due to bad shoes).

15. What was the best thing you bought? 

Definitely all the concert and plane tickets I bought. 

16. For what did you spend the most of your money? 

Travelling, food and Kpop. 

17. What got you the most excited? 

Spending time with my foreign friends, attending concerts and seeing new places during my travels. 

Visited a Korean palace for the first time.
Can't wait to visit another one. 
My last evening in Thailand. I really miss these two!
They helped me get through my internship and final months in Thailand.
I also had a great time at my friend's wedding
with my best friend ♥

18. The people of 2016: 

People at my internship company, Shiho with who I spent almost every weekend last spring in Thailand & my family and friends in Finland. 

Shiho, my rock during the spring ♥
19. Compared to 2015, were you happier or sadder in 2016? 

Since 2015 was a really great year for me (especially August-December), it's quite hard to say whether I was happier or sadder.... Even though I was really sad when I had to leave Thailand and I missed many people during the whole year, I would say at least I wasn't sadder. Was I happier? I'm not sure but at least I felt happy and excited many many times last year :)

20. Fatter or thinner? 

Quite the same.

21. Richer or poorer? 


22. What would you have hoped to have done more? 

To spend more time with my friends in Finland. 

23. ...what about less? 

Eat so much candy and snacks. I really should have toned it down a little sometimes...

24. How did you spend Christmas? 

On Christmas Eve I was at home with mom and Otto. Christmas Day I spent at home with my whole family. 

25. If you could go back in time and change one moment from 2016, what would it be? 

I would have told a friend how I really feel about him when we hanged out one day during the spring. And on that day I would have otherwise acted differently too.  
26. Did you fell in love in 2016? 

Not in new people but in many k-dramas and k-pop groups. 

27. How many one night stands did you have? 


28. What was the best TV series you watched? 

Damn this is too hard... Since it's impossible to pick only ONE here's a few of my favourites from last year: The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Chicago Fire/PD/Med, The Last Ship, Criminal Minds (+ CM: Beyond Borders), Designated Survivor, The 100, Hawaii Five-0, New Girl, Mom, The Zoo, Baby Daddy, Devious Maids, AGT + a bunch of Korean dramas (Descendants of the Sun, Signal, 38 Task Force). 

29. Did you hate someone in 2016 that you didn't hate before? 

I didn't really hate but I did start disliking some people. 

30. What was the best book you read? 

I read a few books but I didn't finish them (yet).... The 5th Wave, Insurgent, Zoo. For Christmas I also got the Cursed Child -book and I've read almost half of it and it's really good. 

31. ...what about the best music finding? 

Since I hardly ever listen to Western music nowadays, this finding definitely comes from Kpop! In 2016 The absolutely best new finding was BLACKPINK! Right away after they released their 2 first songs: Whistle and Boombayah, I completely fell in love with them. There aren't so many girl groups that I like (I tend to listen to the same few groups I already know) but there was something with BLACKPINK that caught my eye and ear. Since they debuted last year, they released another album and 2 new songs they promoted and those songs were really great too. Now I'm just eagerly waiting to see them perform live someday because they completely slayed in 2016! There's another finding that came to a very close 2nd place: NCT 127 (+ NCT U). Both of those NCT groups debuted last year and event though I wasn't familiar with NCT U, which promoted first, after I discovered it and their "7th Sense" song, I was hooked. The 7th Sense -song was catchy and somehow different + the choreography was on point so I was very happy to have discovered them. I even got to see  After a while, NCT 127 debuted with "Fire Truck" which was even better! Some of the members were from NCT U but there were also some new ones so it was quite interesting. A couple of other new  boy groups that I discovered and started listening were SEVENTEEN (yes I know I was a bit late) and PENTAGON which debuted in the fall. Especially PENTAGON caught my attention with their first 2 songs and I'm eager to see what they come back with the next time. 

NCT 127 ©Kpopmap
In addition to these very good new findings, I was blessed to hear new songs from my favourite Kpop groups. BTS had 2 comebacks with "Fire" in the spring and later in the fall with "Blood, Sweat & Tears". First I was hyped about "Fire" since it was very catchy and the live performances were unbelievable but when their 2nd comeback came, I was blown away! I couldn't believe how much better they were even after "Fire". "Blood, Sweat & Tears" I would say was the best in 2016 if I consider the song, MV, live performances, choreography and outfits. There was something in every aspect that I loved so much, I got to admit that even EXO's comebacks weren't as good. BUT EXO slayed in 2016 too! They came back with "Lucky One" and "Monster" in June. They made another comeback later in the summer with "Lotto" and in December they released a new Winter album with a title song "For Life". "Lucky One" and "Monster" were a whole new style and concept for them and they feared that fans wouldn't like them but at least I liked them. I thought they were a refreshing change and it was good that they showed a new side of them. Choreographies, even with "Lotto", were very good (as always) and I loved how some of the members really got the chance to show their strengths and I felt like some members had even proved their skills a lot. "For Life" wasn't unfortunately promoted on any music shows (but they still managed to win! Good job EXO-Ls!) but I think it was compensated with a very nice MV and the song also showcased the great vocals every member has. I would say if you were a BTS and/or EXO fan, you were really blessed last year! Another group that I need to point out is SISTAR. My favourite girl group made a comeback in the summer with "I Like That" which I was soooo satisfied with. It was a different style than their few previous songs but it was just good since they went back to their "Give it to me" and "Alone" eras which were the best in my opinion. They had an interesting choreography which included removable skirts that came on and off during the performances. I really hope they would come back with a similar style the next time too. 

EXO - Monster ©Kpopmap
SISTAR - I Like That ©Kpopmap

32. What did you want and got? 

I got a really good internship place abroad just like I wanted to. I also really wanted to go to a EXO concert and I was lucky enough to be able to do that. In addition during the whole year, I wanted to travel to Osaka to meet my Japanese friends and in December I got to do that which was amazing. 

EXO + my dear Japanese friend = ♥♥
33. What did you want but didn't get? 

In addition to seeing EXO live, I really wanted to attend BTS's concert but I couldn't do that. I also wanted to get a new iPhone but in the end I convinced myself to wait until Apple releases the new models this year. 

34. What was your favourite movie in 2016? 

This question is almost as bad as the questions about best TV shows and music.... Let me say right away that also for this question I just can't pick ONE so bare with me. In 2016 there a lot of good movies but for me the best ones Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool, The 5th Wave, London Has Fallen, Allegiant, Independence Day: Resurgence, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Doctor Strange and Patriots Day. There were many others I enjoyed too: Arrival, 10 Cloverfield Lane (was really amazed when I found out this was a sequel to the Cloverfield movie), Central Intelligence, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Cell and Pandemic. Last year I also watched many Korean movies, old and new, and the best new ones were Train to Busan, Tunnel and Pandora. Train to Busan definitely deserved all the hype it got in Korea and even all around the world. 

35. What did you do on your birthday?

I didn't do much, just stayed at home and watched my favourite TV shows. But during the next weekend I celebrated with few of my friends; we stayed at my place talking and playing Just Dance games. It was a very nice evening & just what I wanted. 

36. Who did you miss? 

My dad who I miss every day ❤  I also missed Otto and my mom a lot when I was still in Thailand. 

37. Who or what kept you sane? 

Definitely k-pop and also the chances to travel a few times. The time I lived in Thailand was also really helpful and kept me positive even though sometimes I felt lonely and missed my friends and family. The support I got from my friends and my mom was so great that I can't even thank them enough so they were a HUGE part that kept me sane through the year. 

38. Did you have obsessions? 


39. Did something annoy you a lot? laziness. I hate how lazy I was in many things last year. I wanted myself to be more active, go outside or do Blogilates pilates videos at home but no, I spent most of my time just laying in bed etc. I also would have wanted to use more time for learning Korean and Thai but I didn't do that either because of my laziness. Okay sometimes I was just too busy for it but usually I was too lazy to pick up my books and practice. Hopefully this year I will be more active in many ways! 

40. Was 2016 the best year ever? 

I'm not sure but it was definitely one of the best ones. There were sad and scary moments but mostly fun and great days which helped to get through the negative moments. 2016 was full of unforgettable moments which I'm really thankful for. 

tiistai 17. tammikuuta 2017

One thing off my bucket list

This spring I will, most likely, get one thing off my bucket list and that is seeing the cherry blossom! I have been planning to go see the flowers in Seoul since last spring when I wasn't able to go there or Japan. I was almost giving up once again but after careful consideration I decided to travel to Seoul in April. I was supposed to go with my mum but we decided that I will go alone and later this year, maybe during Christmas, we will go somewhere together. I was a bit sad about that but I totally get why my mum decided to stay at home and well travelling alone isn't very new for me anymore nowadays so it's not that bad. This way I can also visit places that my mum isn't very interested in. Plus I don't have to be completely alone thanks to my Korean friend whom I'm really excited to meet again. Can't wait until April! Luckily I still have a couple of months time to brush up my Korean because I would really like to use it there as much as possible from now on. 

I just hope I'll have a perfect timing to see these lovely flowers ❤

xoxo, Elina