torstai 18. helmikuuta 2016

Keeping myself busy

We're already over halfway through February which means my time here in Thailand keeps decreasing and coming to an end (way too fast). That's why I have tried to enjoy every moment I have here besides spending time in the office due to my internship. In the beginning of this month I travelled to Kuala Lumpur, mainly because of my 90 -day period was coming to an end so I needed to travel outside of Thailand. I spent there a few days and happily came back. Last weekend I spent in Bangkok because I wanted to meet 2 of my friends and take care of a few things. My Saturday evening was amazing thanks to my dear friend Koh who I met after a long time. We went to eat and walk around JJ Green night market near Mo Chit station. We ate in a Korean BBQ restaurant where we ended up spending a lot of time just talking about all kinds of stuff and enjoying the food. After that we still had time to look around for a bit before Koh had to leave. I really enjoyed my time with him and hopefully I will meet him again next week. On Valentine's Day I met my Japanese friend with who I went to do nails and eat dinner. After we were done, I headed to the bus station and eventually back to Laem Chabang. It was a great weekend but all that greatness can't last forever right.. Clearly not this time at least because I have been sick since I got back home on Sunday evening. Today I finally managed to go back to work but I had to come back home 2 hours early because I got a migraine. This week has been really bad so far but I hope it will get better on Saturday at the latest. Tomorrow after work I will travel to Bang Phe (it's near Rayong) where I will stay for 1 night and on Saturday I will take boat to Koh Samet. There I will spend time until Monday, which is a national holiday and then come back home. Being sick this week, I'm a bit worried about this trip but I still decided to go and try to take it easy as much as possible. Well that's easy...just sit in the beach and enjoy the view :D 

I just love the creativity here!
Why put the drink in a glass when it
can be in a plastic box :D 
For next week's weekend I'm planning to go to Bangkok once again which means I won't be spending any weekend at home this month. It's a bit sad somehow but on the other hand it's good to keep myself busy because that way I won't get homesick so easily and I love meeting my only few friends here and seeing new places. My second trip to Kuala Lumpur, this time for EXO's concert, is also approaching fast! I still can't believe I'm going to see them live again very soon. That's something I'm really looking forward to :) 

1 other VERY important thing happened on Valentine's Day..
The Walking Dead returned with a new episode and
it was CRAZY!
Definitely a Top 3 -episode 

I should probably start packing so I don't need to stay up all night... Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe ♥

xoxo, Elina