maanantai 21. syyskuuta 2015

Nice to meet you again!

On Saturday I met up with my two friends and also with a thai guy who I met two weeks ago. We went to another night market called Train market. First we took a skytrain from Ekkamai to Phra Kanong and from there we took a bus to the market. It was the first time for me and my friends using a bus so it was very interesting. It was very good to have a local person to help us use the bus system :D The journey took quite a long time but costed only 9 baht per person. The market area was pretty big, full of shops, bars and restaurants. At first we wanted to eat something and there were a lot of street food stalls that had delicious looking food but we preferred to sit in a proper restaurant. Finally we found one where we ordered 2 different kinds of soups and noodles. The food was new for me and actually also for the local guy. He said he doesn't like spicy food and noodles that much which was very surprising :D But we all ate it and were satisfied. After that we went around the market looking at the shops selling various products and also many kinds of desserts. While we were walking around, I got to know the local guy better and we were actually hitting it off very well. He even said he wants to have a closer relationship which I had been thinking the whole day and well the previous 2 weeks :D That was very nice to hear and also all the other things he told me because I found out we have a lot of in common and we're interested in the same things. For me Asian guys especially from Thailand are more interesting than Finnish guys so I'm excited to see how this goes and would I actually get a man of my dreams during my stay here :) When we came back we first took a bus which didn't take us where we wanted to so we ended up taking a taxi. The bus wouldn't have been a problem but it was already 11 pm so there weren't many buses running anymore. When we got to Ekkamai, we already planned our next meet which would be next week and we'll go ice-skating :D I'm very excited about that because my Japanese friend and also the Thai guy haven't ever ice-skated before so I bet it will be fun to see them try that. 

Ps. On Friday I went to do my nails with my Japanese friend in On Nut. Costed only 350 baht and the women did the flowers again by herself from the acrylic powder. So not a bad price at all when considering the amount of work! 

xoxo, Elina

torstai 17. syyskuuta 2015

Tickets for a great show!

Hello everyone, especially all the Inspirits out there! 

Monday was a really great day for me because I bought tickets for myself and two of my friends to go and see INFINITE EFFECT on October 25th! It's their 2nd world tour and this time they're coming to Bangkok to perform for 2 days. When I found out about this I immediately decided I HAVE to go there because finally I'm already in the city where some K-Pop band will perform so I won't have to buy any flight tickets or book a hotel etc. I also love love love INFINITE! ♥ Their songs, performances, looks and personalities are just great. I saw them live last May in Dream Concert and they were amazing and they especially sounded great. From that moment on I have been dreaming to go to their own concert to see and hear more live performances and now that's coming true. I can't wait to go there! This time I also have friends with me so I don't have to go alone. That's a big plus :) See you there other Inspirits! ♥

xoxo, Elina

maanantai 14. syyskuuta 2015

Pattaya 12.-14.9.

I just came back from Pattaya where I spent a couple days with my friends. It wasn't a long time but it was just enough for me because I had been there once before and I don't like that place so much. It's a very convenient place to go if you're staying in Bangkok because it's only 2 hours away with bus (one-way bus ticket costs only 115 baht = about 3€!). We stayed in a hotel which was a bit far from the beach and all the party places but that was just a good thing! It was very beautiful and nice hotel with a cheap price. Some of our group left already yesterday but me and my 2 friends stayed until today. Here's some pictures and descriptions what we did:

On Saturday after we arrived in Pattaya, we went to eat in the Walking Street and 
then headed back to the hotel. 3 of us actually ended up taking a massage. I was one of 
them because my neck and shoulders had been very painful for a long time AGAIN. 
The massage was 1 hour and costed 300 baht. I got a head, face, neck, shoulders,
arms + back massage at the same time :D It was very effective and relaxing. 
Finally I could sleep without pain! I will definitely go again to a massage
maybe even during this week. 
After the massage we went to get some drinks and ice-cream and 
went to our room to chill. Some of us also went to the hotel's bar to watch football and 
have a few drinks. 

The breakfast buffet was amazing! It might be the best breakfast I have
ever gotten in a hotel.

Our food on Sunday evening: 

Potato salad
Sweet & Sour Pork
Chicken with cashew nuts 
Some kind of noodle soup with chicken
The best dessert EVER! :D

On Sunday afternoon we went to the pool and chill. 
It was so relaxing and fun :)
Especially because we were the only ones there!

Lime ice-cream

Very short trip but full of funny, unforgettable and not so good moments. I was really glad we went there although I was a bit disappointed that some of us left already yesterday. But hopefully next time everyone will stay the same time :) 

xoxo, Elina

torstai 10. syyskuuta 2015

Movies & markets

During my stay here I have already went to see 2 movies. Movies that were completely different from each other. The first one was Mission Impossible 5 which was very good! I really enjoyed it as did my Japanese friend who's also a Tom Cruise fan :D The second was Attack on Titan which was my first Japanese movie. We went to see it in 4D which was very cool! If you get a chance, you should definitely try a 4D movie. I hope we'll get 4D cinemas in Finland some day. The movie was quite gruesome but still very good, fun, sad and exciting. I also liked the actors and plot very much. With all of that the 4D effects made it even more exciting and good! It was interesting to see many differences in that movie compared to American movies. That's why I was happy to hear the second part will come in October or November so I will be able to go see that also with my friends and probably in 4D! :) The next movie we go see might be a Thai movie because they're also very different compared to American or Finnish movies so all of us are interested to go see one 

Can't wait to go see the last Hunger Games movie
and 007 Spectre!
I really hope the Hunger Games will be in 4D!

That Hello Kitty popcorn + drink set costed only 200 Baht so about 5€ and the ticket for the Mission Impossible movie was 140 Baht about 3,50€. There were 2 types of seats and we chose the better ones. So compared to Finnish cinema prices it was very cheap going to the movies! The 4D tickets were much more expensive, there were also 2 types of seats: 500 & 600 Baht so about 12-14€. This time we took the cheaper ones and the seats were still good. The 4D effects were so good that I'm willing to pay more for some movies we go see and also because we don't have 4D movies in Finland. 

On last week's Friday, we went Asiatique night market with our new local friend named Koh. My Japanese friend was introduced to him and he wanted to show us the night market. It was really fun and cool evening. It was so nice to meet him and make a new friend. We also got to eat good food, try the fish spa for the first time and just enjoy the beautiful evening :) 

Rice noodles & pork in sticky soup 
Sweet & Sour chicken ♥
One of my favourite dishes! 

Got to know also one of my friend's classmates
who is from Myanmar :)
The next day I went to the Chatuchak weekend market with my Japanese friend because I had to buy a couple of things from there. That place is just crazy...and packed with people and STUFF! After we had bought everything we needed and wanted, we headed to MBK to eat. It was nice to go just the two of us for a change and eat very yummy food :) 

Banana Rotee ♥
Oh how I've missed these...

In MBK we went to eat in Sizzler and they had a new dish:
these cute mini burgers :D
We split them and they were actually very delicious!

There many other markets too in Bangkok and I'm going to another night market on next Saturday with Koh. It will be a new place for me and I'm very curious to see what kind of place it is :) 

xoxo, Elina 

keskiviikko 2. syyskuuta 2015

Loving my life ♥

Hello everyone and hello September! :) 

Oh my I have been here for a month now and I'm feeling....VERY HAPPY! I have really enjoyed every day, hour and minute here. I haven't (still) gotten homesick but wished I could just stay here for a long long time. I was just talking with my friend that how it's much easier for both of us because we have been here many times so we have gotten used to the negative aspects etc. We're both really enjoying yourselves unlike some other people but I'm sure many are just having culture shock which me and my friend luckily won't have as strong and bad as many other exchange students here. I just love the people, food, weather (I can wear summer clothes 24/7 ♥), prices and lots of other things :) I'm really curious how I will think in December when my exchange ends... 

I have now attended my classes for almost 3 weeks and they haven't been so bad and that's why I feel like school hasn't really started yet. Although one of my courses, Marketing Research, is really worrying me because I feel like I don't understand anything. Luckily the school offers free of charge a tutor service so I will apply for a tutor and hopefully I will get one who will help me understand and get through of the exams. ASEAN studies course has been very interesting although I hate how the teacher thinks nobody wants to hear her talking and explaining while taking notes because that's exactly what I prefer. But no...she wants us to talk too and we can even sing, dance, jump etc if we get bored and start to fall asleep while listening to her :D Two of my entrepreneurship courses really started this week because during the first week we had a special lecturer and last week classes for both of the courses were cancelled. They seem ok and luckily not so hard. Then I also have Thai language or well I don't really have to go to the classes if I don't want to... Because after I managed to change the Thai 1 course to Thai 2, I found out Thai 2 course doesn't have enough participants so it got cancelled. But the teacher in the Thai 1 course was so nice that she said I can stay in that course if I want to. So now I will go to the class whenever I feel like it...unfortunately it's on Saturday morning. That's why last week I was too tired to go there but I will try to go there this week. I will also ask the teacher if she knows some good place outside the university where I could study Thai language. 

On Sunday we went to a rooftop bar for the first time! It was in a Marriott Hotel called Octave Rooftop Bar and it's located only 1 skytrain stop from where I'm living so not that far away. The bar was on the 45th floor and of course there are bars in even higher floors in this city but still the view was amazing! Right away when I stepped out of the elevator, I was amazed by the view because you could really see far far away. We got into this really nice sitting place and we ordered some drinks and food. Unfortunately we had to move to a different place because the staff was afraid it will start raining but it was ok because we still got seats so we didn't have to stand. We spent there a few hours enjoying the view, taking pictures and enjoying our drinks although only 2 of our group were actually drinking alcoholic drinks. I decided to just enjoy my non-alcoholic drink which was very good :)

I have one more news for you: 

EXOLuXion in Osaka HERE I COME! I decided to buy SM Travel's Global Package for EXO's concerts in Osaka in November. I'm soo excited!! I can't believe I will see them live AGAIN very soon. Now I just have to buy plane tickets and I'm ready to go :) 

xoxo, Elina